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Imagine a world where networking isn’t overwhelming, but tailored just for you. The A-Suite crafts that world for growth-driven entrepreneurs – across industries and the world. We bring you into a global tribe of fellow high achievers, ensuring that you’re not just another contact, but a valued member of an inner circle. Together, we’re building the future of impactful entrepreneurship.

At The A-Suite, we empower our members to seamlessly connect with their ideal circle. We cut through the noise, curate meaningful relationships, and pave the way for transformative collaborations. If you’re looking to expand your network authentically and efficiently, we’re your bridge to personal and professional success!

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Our Founder and CEO is Ashley ‘Athena’ Abboushi. She is the definition of a super connector and the ultimate action taker. An international model of 20 years, a world explorer, humanitarian, human rights activist, and athlete. Ashley is very passionate about making the world a happier, healthier and more fulfilling place. She loves to challenge and inspire others to step into their greatness, and live the life of their dreams.

After graduating with degrees in Media/TV Broadcasting and Environmental Science from DePaul University in Chicago, Ashley set off on her own to explore the world and ended up spending over a decade living and working across 5 continents. Now she is based in her favorite place, Greece! She enjoys all things adventure, staying active by playing sports, going to museums, reading, writing, dancing, live music, speaking, organizing, and attending a wide variety of conferences and events. Ashley loves to connect incredible people, leads from her heart, creates community everywhere she goes, and is most often seen wearing a smile.

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"Everyone here is AWESOME!! When I came into The A-Suite, business was good, but there was a lot of life stuff that was missing. My accountability partners have always been really great!! We talk frequently and about a lot of things. It’s helped me improve my health, personal life, and my business! I really like the Master Classes, we get to constantly learn new things, and share our expertise with the community. I'm really happy I joined!"

Elijah Johnson - Los Angeles, California - Illustrator, Animator, Artist

"Ashley always makes time to check in, it’s obvious that she cares. If we reach out or need anything she does her best to help, and she shows up with so much POSITIVE ENERGY, which I appreciate because it’s contagious!"

Jason Rogers - Colorado, USA - Chiropractor for High Performance Athletes, Educator

"Ashley is the real deal! She is AUTHENTIC and leads with her heart. She is the definition of a networking ninja, and everyone that my partner and I have met through her have been absolutely amazing!"

Katie Larrabee - Spain - Visual Notetaker & Storyteller
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