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Monthly Meetups

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A-Suite Annual Retreat

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"Ashley is A HUMAN ROLODEX! She knows everyone, literally everywhere, and they’re always willing to help you if they can… just because you were vouched for by her! My accountability partner and I really helped each other through the pandemic, and she lives in Dubai, we hadn’t even met! Since joining, I started to learn how to day trade, and was featured in Yahoo! Finance, interviewed on several podcasts, and started writing for Forbes! Plus, when I have events and Ashley is in town, she comes early to help me set up, and she brings friends. This community is amazing!"

Robin Harris, Chicago, IL, USA, Founder and CEO of Model Atelier, Shop Confidence, and The Confidence Foundation 501c3, Model, Mother

"My accountability partner has been great! We had our first call last week to lay out our goals, and I think of him everyday! I tell myself... I told this man that this is what I am going to do! It INSPIRES me to make sure to go through my tasks, to do my morning and evening routines etc. I am a man of my word and I aim to live to a higher standard - my accountability partner helps me to do that!"

Trevor B. West, Ohio, USA Real Estate Investor, Emcee

"I joined The A-Suite with my wife Jacki, a global community for leadership and inspiration. I once attempted and failed The 75 Hard Challenge. I didn't have any plans in the near future to attempt the challenge again, but The A-Suite wanted to do it, and that pushed me to try again. This time, I completed it! By accomplishing this mental challenge, it gave me great MOTIVATION to accomplish anything in life!"

Lam Doan, Chicago, IL, USA, Software Engineer, Board Game Enthusiast
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